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Thursday, August 18, 2005

My mouse has stopped working! Hooray!

My finger is stiff from pressing the 'Tab' button. My patience is severely short. I recently discovered that you can switch programs by pressing 'alt' and 'tab' at the same time. I have not yet got over the hour or so when I managed to get two different programs playing the came CD at the same time. Out of synch. And I couldn't get it to stop.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my life. Aren't you riveted?

Ah, he came online today, by the way. In time to totally freeze up on me, tell Steph that he doesn't go out with younger girls (he's 15) and he only wants to be friends, and he doesn't want to give me the wrong idea. Then go offline before I get a chance to ask him why he didn't just tell ME that, because it isn't as if I'd have minded.

Nice. Again, great material I've got here, isn't it?

cya later,

xxx Liz xxx

No quotes, I can't be bothered.


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