Sunday, July 24, 2005

Would you believe I published this on the wrong blog?

I really did publish this on Orcface is the best, I'm not just giving it more publicity. Honestly, I did publish this totally un-orcy thing on that totally orcy site!. Anyway, to the Beamish pics...

This one is my fave of them all, especially the ones taken at the Pumping Station. The looks on all of their faces are priceless, and HAILEY IS NOT MOVING ANYMORE!!! The gothic girl with black hair who seems to be examining the back of Liv's head is STAYING and not going to Cornwall!!!!!!! YAY!

Hanhan is asleep, I think. lol. Steph's doing a strange impression of an aeroplane, and Liv looks remarkably like a hamster. But you can see that yourself.

More in another post!

cya in a sec then:



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