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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I get two weeks longer holidays than everyone else! Yes, because our school is REALLY COOL (not but whatever) BHS STUDENTS GET 8 WEEKS IN THE SUMMER INSTEAD OF 6!

hahahahahahaha state schools!!! heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeeeeee!!!!!

Oh yes! this rocks! now i can write my book (in Randy Ingermanson's
  • Snowflake Method
  • of course.)

    thats it for now

    "I'm surprised that you haven't been told before that you're lovely and you're perfect and that somebody wants you"

    "bus stop, wet day, she's there, i say 'please share my umbrella'"

    ps don't forget to check out
  • Warped Helium
  • because Nat rocks and she is very funny (and she did not force me to write this! It was written of my own - free - will! *noise of struggle* Repeat - my own free will!)

    luv ya! liz xxxoOoxxx (I <3 Evanescence)


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