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Friday, July 22, 2005


Wow. OK.

So, the Beamish trip. Well, the Beamish trip was organised by Mrs Carrington (a.k.a. the Percy Pig Thief; more on that later) and the rest of the (obviously socially lacking) History Department staff.

(Also, some Maths teachers came. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

But STILL. We went to the Beamish Museum (after a particularly boring, on my part, what-seemed-like-eight-hour bus ride, which probably lasted about 5 or 6 hours) in, erm... well, somewhere near Newcastle and Gateshead, anyway. It was interesting in a kind of non-interesting way, if you see what I mean (which you probably don't, but work with me here), in the way museums usually are to the kind of idiot savant that is MOI.

Anyway, Re: the YOUTH HOSTEL.

A description of other people's rooms follows...

Dirty, small, disgusting, with beds full of unmentionable things, sheets stained with God-knows-what, etc etc.

A description of OUR (Me, Jenny McK, Steph U) room...

Clean, fairly big and pretty, with good-to-quite-good (also clean) beds, sheets which none of us used but, had we done so, would not have been disappointed with, etc etc.

For some reason, our room was so much better than everyone else's. STRANGE or what?

The food was, however, for everyone, equally RANK. White, solid scrambled egg, burnt toast, cold chips, and straight-out-of-a-five-year-old-can sweetcorn were among the disgusting foodstuffs on offer.

Obviously, the general mood was not good among the usually-Heswall/Gayton-resident, spoilt-out-of-your-mind, precious little dears usually known as YEAR 8 (or, now, year 9) AT BIRKENHEAD HIGH SCHOOL.

(God, I hope none of them reads this.)

In the middle of the night, Mrs Carrington knocked on our door claiming to have heard noises THREE TIMES. The third time, after she had repeatedly pointed out our stock of Percy Pigs, Jen offered her one and she took two. Every time we heard a noise, in our hyper-sleepover-girlie mood, it was Mrs Carrington coming back to steal our Percy Pigs. (Why is everybody so obsessed with those anyway? They're just PINK SWEETS. But STILL.)

Anyway, the next day's highlights included climbing up a mountainside in strong wind (and slight rain, shock-horror), taking photos of sheep, and going around the shops in Ambleside.

The last of which is the best, because Steph and I know Ambleside. I have a good memory and have been about three or four times, and Steph has been going there yearly since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. We visited (with Laura G and Steph P): the chippie; the chocolate shop; the (one and only good in Ambleside) clothes shop and many many more.

It was lots of fun.

That day, Steph had asked and been allowed to come on our coach, so on the way home we shared headphones and listened to her Evanescence CD whilst making intermittent conversation about something or other.

After I got back to the picking-up place, the Pumping Station in Woodside, I looked at the two disposable cameras I had bought in the service station on the way North and saw that I had about 20 photos left.

Hannah, as you may have already predicted (she's just like that, is Hannah), helped me to use them up by taking as many photos of me, herself, Liv, Hailey and Steph in stupid poses as possible.

I really wish my Hello was working so I could show you the least embarrassing ones, but unfortunately it isn't so you are denied that pleasure until (if ever) I get it to work.

OK, that's that.

I'll see youse all later babes n dudes (lol)

luv yas forever :-X


"I've told you time and time again, you sing the words but don't know what it means to be a joke and look, another line without a hook..." (MCR lol)

"You've got to press it on you, you just think it, that's what you do baby, hold it down, yeah"

:P cya!


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