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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Beamish again!

(By the way, I have just got back from the Land of My Heart Forever, Scotland the Brave in time to go up to Brinscall in three days, so not very many posts from there either as they haven't got the internet. I will, however, probably be taking some pics at Brinscall so you may get to see them if I can be bothered to blog in the week between coming back from Brinscall and going to Venice (no, I'm not incredibly rich - the Venice holiday is the only one which we are actually paying for).)

Here, then, is another Beamish pic.

Hannah and Liv. Both looking slightly insane. Enough said, I think. (lmsao)

Cya later (later a.k.a. when I get fed up of doing whatever I'm about to do now)

Love yas all, as I always say,

xxx Liz xxx

Both quotes the starts of MCR songs today, randomly, so there you go.

"In the middle of a gunfight, in the centre of a restaurant, they say come with your arms raised high"

"Oh baby here comes the sound - I took a train out of New Orleans and they shot me full of ephedrine (sp?!?!?)"

(Hmmmm, may have used that last one before at some point.)



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