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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sorry, Optician Beckoned (and his name was I. White)

no, i'm serious. my optician's name really is Mr. I. White. Check my prescription if you don't believe me. Which, by the way, says i need new, STRONGER glasses. Which will make my eyes worse, so i'll need new, STRONGER glasses. Can you see why opticians make so much money?

Actually, i don't know whether opticians make that much money. But i presume they do, because of the whole 'glasses=eyes get worse=new glasses' cycle.

But anyway, before i was so cruelly forced away from the keyboard (to which i seem to be permenently glued these days) to see Mr. I. White, i was saying something about music.

Oh, yeah. That was it.

My tastes in music are WEIRD. My tastes go from Nickelback to Eminem to Queen via Fountains of Wayne, Katy Rose, Maroon 5, Green Day, The Cuban Heels, ABBA, The Beach Boys and many many many many MANY MORE!! I will listen to just about ANYTHING which has a beat and words (even Keane(!) lol)

I also do not mind (although i would rather listen to the above people) Verdi, Handel, Bach or Mozart (but this is my brother's influence on me).

I must either be very tolerant, very deaf, or hearing things, i hear you cry (even though you do not exist - so maybe i am hearing things).

All I can say is... I suppose so. I often wonder whether The Darkness REALLY sound like that, now that i think about it...

Oh, and i also like Scissor Sisters. And 80s stuff like Human League and Soft Cell. And 60s things like Build Me Up Buttercup and Up on the Roof. And dodgy 90s pop like Britney and the Spice Girls.

OK, i admit it. I am TOTALLY WEIRD!!!!!!!!!

But at least i only like one type of book. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT! I totally read Douglas Adams and Meg Cabot in the same sitting. And Eoin Colfer. And Sharon Creech. And Tolkein (YES! FRODO LIVES!!)

ok, that's enough randomness for now. More later.


BOROMIR IS A CHEERLEADER (gimme a G! O! N! D! O! R! What does it spell... GONDOR!!!!)


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