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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Retro Music... and how it MEANT SOMETHING!!!

Yes, some may only have reflected how large an amount of drugs the writer/singer was taking, but you have to admit that songs from the 60s, 70s + 80s ACTUALLY HAD MEANINGS!!!!!

Take for instance that 60s Herman's Hermits classic, No Milk Today. The fact that the singer doesn't want the milkman to give him any milk is a symbol of how he's lost his beloved and she won't come back. He recounts their history together and laments the fact that, because she's gone, he doesn't need any milk.

OK, it's sad. But it's A METAPHOR!!! Does Britney Spears even KNOW WHAT A METAPHOR IS??????? Somehow I doubt it. Because these days music is not about music anymore. It's about visual influences and how attractive the singer is, rather than what sounds come out of his/her mouth.

Which is stupid. Things have changed. Would you ever have seen Beethoven or Mozart looking like they'd spent the last two years on a sunbed, sporting their (tiny) underwear and nothing else, doing provocative dances?

No. (Thank god...)

Did anyone ever refuse to listen to Aretha Franklin because "she's like, totally fat!"??????


All I'm saying is, people's priorities are going rapidly in the WRONG DIRECTION (i.e. the aesthetic one) and it's not right. Discrimination should not be tolerated.

Why does the Pope, supposedly the most pacific man in the world, discriminate towards gay people? Is this a good example to set to millions of people (Catholics and even non-Catholics who all follow the guy and turned up in Rome for his predecessor's death and funeral)??? And what's with condemning thousands of African Catholics to death from HIV and AIDS? Hello, I thought you were supposed to be God's chosen messenger on Earth?????


Sorry to be so narky (lol i can't think of a better word) but it's just how i feel. No hard feelings to anyone except Britney Spears and the like, and the Pope.

"Scaramouch, scaramouch, can you do the fandango?"

"Shut up hush your mouth, can't you hear you talk too loud?"

the original cut-and-shut politician <3


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