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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

just a quick plug of my other blog...

My HTML skills, when it comes to links, are limited to cutting and pasting from the template of this blog, so it has to be with a bulletpoint:

  • OrcFace is the Best!!!

  • Basically, stream of exceedingly Orcish consciousness. If you don't like Lord of the Rings, don't click on this link. You may develop some kind of LotR-phobia.

    It's a bit like

  • The Darth Side

  • for LotR, but not as high-brow (nor as funny, but I shouldn't put myself down). I suggest looking into the archives. My battles with the evil RevisionOrc have made my posts less humourous and more scarce of late.

    OK then!


    "Every guy will envy me: paradise is where I'll be..."

    "I never made it as a wise man. I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing"

    <3 may the forks be with you <3

    pretty flamingo


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