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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i'm just going to rant until...

I think of something worth talking about. (using different coloued fonts for no reason...)

Well, I am listening to The Darkness for no reason. (no, no inspiration there.)

Had Maths, Physics and Chemistry today as usual (my dad is pleased but I'm not. OH GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME????????????????????)

I love Lord of the Rings. Found this random but hilarious blogthing:

  • You Know You're Addicted to LotR When...

  • so true. so sadly, sadly true.

    Now listening to an old Dead Ringers CD and laughing at jokes to do with Iain Duncan Smith and Saddam Hussein (I never know how to spell that). lol.

    Wow. It's taking a long time for something even remotely interesting to come into my head.

    too long. I will re-post if i can think of anything better to talk about.


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