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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Form teachers and midlife crises...

My form teacher is officially NOT having a midlife crisis.

Just to let you know.

This is the point where I imagine if you existed you would probably be yelling "WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL??????" at the PC, and who can blame you? If I read this I would do the same thing.

How did I manage to discover that my form teacher is not having a midlife crisis? Well, in Geography/PSHCE today (my form teacher teaches Geography and is determined to combine these subjects, presumably because he feels he is cheating on Geography otherwise) we were talking about it. Give me a sec and I'll remember why...

We were doing population pyramids (SEE? SO NOT PHSCE!) and he was talking about the cost of bringing up a child, and we asked him about his children. (If you manage to get Mr. F. off track, he'll stay outside the actual subject for hours.)

Naomi asked him whether boys or girls cost more, and he said probably about the same. Then she said (something in the region of):

"But don't boys want, like, video games and X-Boxes and stuff...?"

And he said he wouldn't know, he'd never brought up a boy (he has 2 daughters), and that he'd never had that kind of stuff (he's about the same age as my dad).

She said, didn't he want them now?

And he said...

...wait for it... (it's probably not worth it, but lol)

"No. I'm not having a midlife crisis."


"If you ever see me wearing a leather jacket and riding a motorbike, snap me out of it."

And I went, "We'll go, 'YOU'RE HAVING A MIDLIFE CRISIS'."

So there you go.

(I know. Not worth the effort of moving your eye muscles for, was it?)



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