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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ariadne Jones's Diary (which is being entered into a writing competiton by my English teacher)

A fictional diary of Ariadne from the Greek legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. Her father, King Minos, demands a yearly sacrifice of Athenian youths and maidens to be fed to the Minotaur, a deadly beast which lives in a huge maze called the Labyrinth.

Daddy’s Labyrinth-sacrifice time again. Wonder who will come? Daddy says the Athenians are getting too arrogant though, trying to get out. He says no-one can escape from the Labyrinth.

Aha! Had an idea! Tie string to oneself and have somebody hold it outside! Of course, will not test this. Would be far too dangerous.

Met the sacrifices today. Women are all much too young and leggy, men mainly useless wimps. However, met Theseus – tall, dark and incredibly handsome. Thinks, however, he can kill the Minotaur…

Ah! Will tell Theseus about yesterday’s string-tying idea – see whether he wants to try it!
After all, would be a shame to kill someone with such a nice tan and lovely muscles.

Theseus said yes! Tomorrow, will stand outside Labyrinth holding string for gorgeous Athenian warrior. He will do battle with the Minotaur! Then we will run away together!

Wonder which shoes should wear? Would white or blue make me look more in manner of Aphrodite?
No. Ankles too fat for either. Full-length toga is the only option.

Wow! Have done it!

Also, amazingly, Theseus has not noticed how much of a mess my hair is! Wind on this boat has made it look a total disaster…


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